Can I choose which cocktails are made?

On most of our packages, you can select which drinks are served at the time of booking.  The only exception to this is for cocktail lessons where we choose the cocktails to ensure a range of flavours & techniques of utilised.

Can I still make a booking if I don’t know the full address of my Venue?

Yes!  We would need to know the nearest Town, City or Village in order to provide a quote for you but we know that rental properties don’t always supply you with the complete address until just before the party.  When making a booking online you can tick “i don’t know the full address” then just complete as much of the address as you do know.

What if some of my guests don’t drink?

All of our packages can be catered for non-drinkers and suitable replacements provided for each package.  For example, on our cocktail packages we can provide mocktails or on our beer tasting session we can provide non or low alcohol beers to meet your requirements.  

When will the bartender arrive?

Most of our services require some setup time so the bartender will normally arrive about 30 to 45 minutes before the start time to set up.  This is not taken out of your service time.  The bartender will also need around 30 minutes to clear away after the booking.

Which areas do you cover?

We cover the whole of the united kingdom, although some services are only available in certain locations.  The office is based in Bristol.

Can you tailor the package to suit our requirements?

We certainly can.  We cater for bespoke occasions and can tailor a package to meet your requirements.  Don’t hesitate to ask us for any special requests.

I would like to make a booking but what if my numbers aren’t finalised?

You can secure your booking with a £50 deposit, based on an estimate of numbers.  You can let us know your exact number of guests 10 days before the party when your final payment is due.  You can also swap guests to the mocktail option & vice versa.

How much are cocktail making classes?

Our prices vary depending on the location and how many guests you have.  You can get an instant quote straight to your inbox by clicking here.

Can I see your terms & conditions?

Please see a full copy of our user terms and conditions via this link.

Our goal is to create memorable occasions, infused with spirit and excitement in our unique tipsy style.   No one designs parties like we do.


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