Coronavirus information

last updated: 06/11/2020

Existing Customers:

As we are now in a lockdown now anyone with a booking during the 4 week lockdown can either receive credit or a refund for the booking.  Please contact us by email using to arrange credit or refund.

For all other bookings with bookings outside of the lockdown dates, we are allowing customers to move their booking completely free of charge to any future date or we can offer credit if a new date is unknown.

If you wish to change your event date please email us  To help our customers we have waived all change fees.

New Customers:

All our systems are fully operational and we are still accepting new bookings  however with the uncertainty of the coronavirus we have reduced our deposits to £20 and we are making all deposits fully refundable in the event of a lockdown*.  You can obtain an instant quote from our website or email any questions to

For the rule of 6: We have confirmed that our bartender DOES NOT count toward your gathering total as they are there for work.  We can currently cater for parties of 6 or larger if an exemption applies ie for work purposes , for single larger households or if support bubbles apply etc.  Please contact us if you have any specific questions

We are following all government guidelines and advice on social distancing and we are undertaking extra steps to ensure our events follow the latest advice on social distancing.  For example we are offering the option of plastic disposable glassware if you prefer and free table hire to allow for extra space between guests.  In addition we are inserting hand-washing breaks.  We have always had stringent hygiene measures in places for our services and these continue to be followed.

Refundable Deposit – Additional terms and conditions:

The deposit amount is refundable if your booking can not go ahead due to government lockdown in the location of your event.  If you wish to cancel for another reason your deposit will be transferable to another booking or full credit will be offered if a new date is not known.

Our goal is to create memorable occasions, infused with spirit and excitement in our unique tipsy style.   No one designs parties like we do.